Anita Carlton, CMT  

Anita Carlton, CMT

Tailored Massage

    At The Bay Chiro, we know that everybody is different, each visiting us with their own needs and preferences. We treat each patient with tailored care, offering a variety of massage techniques to suit your individual needs. Our certified massage practitioners offer a wide range from:

    • Swedish
    • Deep tissue
    • Neuromuscular therapy
    • Pre-natal massage
    • lymphatic massage
    • Bamboo fusion
    • Shiatsu  
    • Couples massage

    Bamboo Fusion Massage

    Bamboo Fusion is a massage technique that uses a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage. Heated bamboo rods are used to relax the muscles which allow for a gentle but deeper massage.  The effects of this massage are long lasting and will leave you with a deep sensation of relaxation and well being.



    • Reduce tension
    • Relieve tightness in muscles and tendons
    • Stimulate the flow of blood and lymph
    • Make the skin more supple
    • Regenerate and revitalize
    • Relax the body and mind
    The best!
    “Dr. Danielle is the best! She's professional but down to earth & friendly & has a magical touch! She always helps make me feel better whether its a migraine, back ache, pinched nerve, fibromyalgia... I am also a huge fan of Anita's massage. I love her unique additions like bamboo & salt stones. She listens to what's wrong and tailors the massage to suit your needs. No two massages have ever been the same. When I combine their care I seriously feel like brand new! You're the best!”
         —Melissa A.
    Gentle, Healing Hands
    "For the past year and a half, I have looked forward to Dr. Danielle I McLane's gentle chiropractic adjustments. Having suffered lower back pain for many years, I was so happy when a close friend recommended Dr. D. She knows my favorite treatment is a "Rapid Release" massage device with slightly prickly sensation, soothing tense muscles up and down the back. You're the best, Dr. D!”
         —Don J.

    Swedish Massage

    Swedish Massage
    "Loved my 90-minute Swedish massage. Best massage to date. It was very easy to communicate about change of pressure and trouble areas. I loved the warm stones. I'm ready to book my next appointment. “


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